21.09.2018 – Westfalen-Blatt – Knockdown for Stadtwerke

Bielefeld  (WB). The municipal utilities (Stadtwerke) have bought the »Siemens property« at an auction in Otto-Brenner- and Schweriner Straße. Following a bidding contest with a private investor, the utility company won the bid for 7.4 million euros in the district court on Thursday.

The Titan Series SARL from Luxembourg had conducted the forced sale proceedings for the 21,294 square metre property with 14,000 square metres of usable floor space. The company was represented yesterday by Steinberg Real Estate Management GmbH of Hesse in Room 18 of the District Court, which was full to capacity.

The Bielefeld site has been associated with the Siemens name since the beginning of the 1970s, when the technology group set up its local branch there. Today, Siemens is only one of eight tenants, as are the Dekra Academy and the telecommunications subsidiary of Stadtwerke Bitel. In total, the site consists of eight parcels of land, which were hammered yesterday as a single unit.

Market value of 5.2 million euros

With a market value of 5.2 million euros, the important seven-tenth mark, up to which the representative of the auction operator could still have intervened, was already settled with the first bid. The Bielefeld investor Noeyel Ersay entered the race with four million euros. Dr. Simone Evke de Groot announced her interest for Stadtwerke as the second bidder with 4.5 million euros. Oliver Schinkewitz (Rauch 25 Verwaltungs GmbH/Berlin) bid 4.6 million before withdrawing again, as did Hans Mensendiek (5.1 million) from Bielefeld.

At the end of the bidding hour, 5.5 million of the Stadtwerke were on the books. However, Noeyel Ersay intervened again with 5.6 million. In the following period, a lively exchange of blows developed with the municipal utilities. When at 11.02 o’clock 7.4 million euro stood in the area, Ersay stroked the sails. “The Stadtwerke obviously wanted the property at all costs,” said the man who had recently made a name for himself with an investment in the traditional Königshof house in Bad Oeynhausen, after the event. He had seen the area in Bielefeld as a “capital investment”, but saw no possibility of being able to go along with the municipal utilities at the end.

Until now, Bitel has used an area as a computer centre. “With the purchase, we are securing the long-term use of the building,” said Stadtwerke spokeswoman Yvonne Liebold.

By Hans-Heinrich Sellmann

Translated with Deepl.com.

Source (German): Fr., 21.09.2018, Westfalen-Blatt: »Siemens-Grundstück« an der Schweriner Straße für 7,4 Millionen ersteigert – Zuschlag für die Stadtwerke