Debt Management

Financial Management

Since financing is one of the most important building blocks of your investment in real estate, we will gladly support you with our debt management in the procurement of debt, the current obligations and represent your interests - even in the event of a default.

Debt Service

As part of liquidity management, we ensure that recurring debt servicing is provided on time in order to maintain long-term and trusting business relationships with the financing banks. In critical financing phases, we support you in communicating transparently with your bank all the while advancing solution-oriented measures.

Covenants and Reporting

We deal with regular inquiries or requests from financing banks regarding reporting and relevant key figures reliably and punctually in the interest of the borrower.

Representation of Interests

We represent your interests as a borrower vis-à-vis credit institutions and thus increase returns by reducing financial burdens and risks. Particularly, especially in cases of non- or sub-performing loans, we support you ahead of time to avoid potential losses and costs from intervention of financing institutions.

During the term of existing real estate loans, we also monitor fixed-interest periods and contract terms and advise you on future financing arrangements.

Real Estate Management

In addition to debt management, we are also happy to support you in managing the real estate and carrying out acquisitions and sales:

We support you in all aspects of real estate and its financing. We focus on distressed real estate and non-performing loans. We will be happy to advise you in close cooperation with you, e. g. on the (real estate) strategy, due diligence or real estate management.

Landlord Representation
As a central point of contact and interface between the client, the property and the parties involved, we represent the interests of owners or landlords to all parties in the market. We focus on stabilising and developing the value of your property.

Transaction Management
When selling real estate, the success of your real estate investment depends to a large extent on transaction management. In order to get the most out of each transaction, we identify the optimal sales strategy in advance, coordinate bidding processes and support the vendor due diligence as well as the selection of brokers and buyers.