Owner and Landlord Representation

Central Point of Contact

For our clients, we act as a central point of contact between them, the property and the parties involved. We represent your interests as an owner on the market. Landlord representation always aims to develop and stabilise the value of your asset. In representing the interests of our clients, value stabilisation and development of the real estate is at the centre of our services. Our clients benefit from our extensive network, many years of market experience and high-quality consulting.

Implementation and Realisation

We, in concert with you, realise your goals according to the agreed business plan. For this purpose we support you along the entire value-added chain of existing real estate, i.e. from acquisition, asset and portfolio analysis, to ongoing optimisation and the sale of the real estate after realising all value-add potentials.

Tender Management

We work with our clients throughout the tender process and help structure contracts to be awarded to external service providers in the real estate sector, such as property managers, asset managers, brokers, lawyers, accountants, tax consultants and corporate service providers. With continuous monitoring of external parties, we improve long-term performance of investments through optimised quality of the services provided.

Controlling and Reporting

In order to monitor progress of the implementation of the real estate strategy, we provide you with comprehensive and tailor-made reporting. This enables us to precisely monitor ongoing developments and take targeted countermeasures in the event of deviations from the plan. Owners and financiers are thus comprehensively and regularly informed about their investment.

Real Estate Management

In addition to representing your interests as owner or landlord in the day-to-day business, we are also happy to provide you with full support in managing your real estate. That is why we also advise in the following areas, among others:

We support you in all areas of real estate and its financing. For this reason, our advice is primarily focused on impaired real estate and non-performing loans. In close cooperation with you, we will be happy to advise you on the (real estate) strategy, due diligence or real estate management.

Transaction Management
When selling real estate or loans, the success of your real estate investment depends to a large extent on the management of the transaction. In order to get the best out of the transaction, we identify the optimal sales strategy in advance, coordinate bidding processes and support the vendor due diligence as well as the selection of brokers and buyers.

Debt Management
Since financing is one of the most important building blocks of a real estate or credit investment, we are also happy to support you in optimising your financing and current obligations and represent your interests - even in the event of a payment default.