Loan Servicing

Steinberg Real Estate Finance offers comprehensive loan servicing and credit management for distressed real estate backed loans. For both financial institutions and investors who acquire loans, we develop a loan servicing and workout strategy that is tailored to individual needs and meets all applicable legal requirements. The strategy is individually developed for each commitment and may include restructuring, refinancing or foreclosure.

In the case of non-performing loans, our aim is to identify further potential payment default risks at an early stage, to be able to counteract them by means of suitable measures such as restructuring through refinancing and, in the case of non-performing loans, to ensure the highest possible repayment of the loan amount. We have the creativity and flexibility to find solutions that meet your requirements. Our range of tasks includes:

Data Transfer & Strategy Development

On the basis of available data and documents, we transfer loans and loan portfolios into our system and compare these data with the (actual) physical documents. With a focus on real estate serving as collateral, we analyse the credit documentation and identify possibilities for stabilising the financing (e.g. restructuring the financing) or the value-optimised realization of the real estate. Taking into account return and risk aspects, we develop the optimal strategy for you to maximise loan repayment. We then implement this strategy or your business plan and implement it consistently.


In order to optimise the proceeds from loan workout in terms of time and cost, we assume full responsibility for project management. This includes, for example, negotiations with borrowers, refinancing banks, which are available for a restructuring of the existing financing, and buyers to ensure that all threads converge in one place. In addition to the loan level, we are pro-actively involved in the management and sale of the secured real estate and manage all project participants such as appraisers, lawyers, tax consultants, asset and property managers. In doing so, we always keep an eye on opportunities that arise at short notice and help you to exploit them.

Even in difficult and complex situations, we keep an eye on your goal of maximum loan repayment. Through a well thought-out time schedule, clear communication with the borrower and foresighted action, we find a solution in your interest that is also acceptable to all other parties.


Since real estate financing structures and restructurings are becoming increasingly complex at both national and international level, various models and solutions must be considered, depending on the parties involved and the desired financing orientation.

Restructuring has to take different levels into account:

  • At the asset level, there are different approaches to restructuring: further development of the property, securing supply, changes in asset and property management, restructuring of leases, changes in the composition of the portfolio including the sale of real estate.
  • At the borrower level, restructuring may involve adjustments to credit terms, standstill agreements, partial debt forgiveness and/or debt-to-equity swaps.

Real Estate & Portfolio Management

We look after non-performing loans (NPLs) both at the financing level and at the portfolio or real estate level. In the event of borrower default or poor performance, we therefore also assume responsibility for real estate or portfolio management on behalf of the creditors. In addition to restructuring the financing side, we also find restructuring approaches at the real estate level.

Optimisation of Liquidation

The liquidation of loans regularly involves follow-up activities such as the liquidation of the borrower. We anticipate these and plan them into the strategy development phase in order to guarantee an economically and legally secure settlement after forced liquidation, consensual restructuring or even after the final sale of the property.

Loan and Credit Management

Loan Underwriting
Since the profit often lies in the purchase, we analyse loans secured by real estate (loan underwriting) for our clients as part of purchase processes. In addition, we evaluate the value of the securing real estate both during the term of the loan and before its settlement or sale.

Transaction Management
We sell real estate collateral for our clients both in bidding processes and off-market. We are also happy to structure the sale of your real estate loans according to your preferences.

Reporting & Analysis
Conception, transformation and aggregation of real estate and credit-related reporting. We help you with sensitivity to structure your reporting obligations in such a way that each party receives the information they need quickly and, above all, easily.