Michael Schäff

Managing Partner

Michael Schäff
  • Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)
  • 10 years of professional experience in the real estate and finance industry
  • Project management at SitusAMC/ Hatfield Philips and CORPUS SIREO before founding Steinberg Real Estate + Finance
  • Languages: German, English, Thai

Michael Schäff has 10 years of professional experience in real estate and finance. The graduate industrial engineer (FH) started his career as a trainee at CORPUS SIREO, one of the largest German real estate asset management service providers. Prior to joining Steinberg Real Estate + Finance, he held various positions at the international consultancy Situs (formerly Hatfield Philips), where he was responsible for the loan workout of complex, securitised (CMBS), non-performing (NPL) and syndicated commercial real estate loans.

For institutional investors, banks and financial investors, Michael Schäff has managed more than 40 transactions on the buyer and seller side, as well as financings on the borrower and lender side amounting to approximately €3.1 billion in recent years. He combines his commercial and real estate education and expertise with his experience in loan processing for international investors.

Michael Schäff is fluent in German and English.

Selected mandates

  • Project management of 20 purchase and sale transactions for a capital management company.
  • Advising a real estate special fund (AIF) on the restructuring and optimisation of 8 financings for 91 properties for approx. EUR 160 million.
  • Project management of a portfolio sale of 55 properties for approx. EUR 130 million for the creditors (CMBS)
  • Project management of a portfolio sale of 32 properties for approx. EUR 45 million for the creditors (CMBS)