Reporting & Analysis

Conception, transformation and aggregation of real estate and credit related reporting

Real estate controlling accompanies the life phases of a property from purchase or project development to the ongoing analysis of its profitability during the use phase. Even if the economic efficiency is determined decisively in the first phases of the purchase and development, it is important to implement adequate real estate controlling during the use phase and to carry out an ongoing target-performance analysis. This helps to identify undesirable developments in good time, to draw up resilient plans and to set up the asset with a view to the future.

With a structured real estate controlling system, the optimisation potential of the assets can be systematically analysed and effective control measures derived from this. With the help of meaningful key performance indicator systems, the data obtained in property, asset and portfolio management is processed so that comprehensive information is available at all times. In this way you secure and optimise your returns. The data and knowledge gained with the help of real estate controlling thus represent a high benefit for owners, investors, operators and also banks and financiers.

With sensitivity we help you to structure your reporting obligations in such a way that each party receives the information they need quickly and, above all, easily. The transparency created by real estate controlling also creates trust among your financing partners.

Our real estate controlling services include:

Analysis & Conception

  • Analysis of the objectives, tasks and benefits associated with strategic and operational real estate controlling for property, asset and portfolio managers; owners, investors and operators
  • Conception of reports for internal and external purposes as well as on the basis of our clients' obligations towards third parties
  • Selection of key indicators (systems) important for real estate controlling, e.g. vacancy rates, investment returns (before and after taxes), net operating income (NOI), interest and debt service coverage ration (ICR and DSCR)
  • Preparation of planning calculations taking into account the letting situation and future investments (maintenance, modernisation and tenant improvements). Here we work together with experienced technical consultants who prepare well-founded and detailed analyses of the condition of the building, which flow into real estate controlling.

The results of real estate controlling help to assess the long-term value of the assets.

Optimisation of Reporting Structures

  • Analysis of the existing real estate controlling
  • Development and implementation of suggestions for improvement
  • Optimisation of the information procurement in cooperation with the property and asset manager and in particular revision of the reporting to improve the information basis and thus the implementation of the portfolio management strategy.

Strategic instruments of real estate controlling in practice

  • Object and potential analysis: data preparation, decision support.
  • Budget and reporting tools: including annual and long-term budget, quarterly reporting, budget creation/updating.
  • Benefits of cash flow analyses.

Operational instruments of real estate controlling in practice

  • Identify potentials for revenue optimization and cost reduction.
  • Optimize benefits, meaningfulness and necessary information for the strategic assessment of real estate portfolios.
  • SWOT analysis and derivation of suitable real estate strategies for the respective property.
  • Portfolio analyses to optimise your real estate portfolio.
  • Create discounted cash flow calculations.
  • Derivation of market-adapted measures to optimize your real estate portfolio in the short and medium term.

Transmigration & Aggregation

  • Aggregation of various reports to improve the overview of key figures.

Loan Servicing

In addition to reporting, we are also happy to support you in loan underwriting, credit management (loan servicing) of your loans or in your transactions:

Loan Underwriting
Since the profit lies in the purchase, we analyse loans secured by real estate (loan underwriting) for our clients as part of purchase processes. In addition, we evaluate the value of the secured receivables both during the term of the loan and before its settlement or sale.

Loan Servicing
We provide comprehensive credit management services for real estate loans, from initial analysis and ongoing processing through to settlement. In particular, we are specialised in the value maximising realisation of distressed (sub-performing and non-performing) loans.

Transaction Management
We sell real estate collateral for our clients both in the bidding process and off-market. We are also happy to structure the sale of your real estate loans according to your preferences.