Transaction Management

Real Estate Debt Investments

Success in the sale of loans greatly depends to a large extent on transaction management, which identifies the optimal sales strategy and drives it forward. Therefore, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your product to find the appropriate transaction strategy for your product. During this process, we search for value creation potential to realise before the sale to optimise the sales price. We also advise you on the structuring of loan portfolios, so that you can go to market with a homogeneous product and all the necessary documents.

Selection of Brokers

We are happy to help you select and manage the right broker for your investment product. However, it is crucial to not only look for a broad network, but also for experience with the respective product, excellent knowledge of the respective markets and the will to reach a successful sale. During marketing, we monitor the progress of activities, follow up on then and keep you up to date with regular reporting.

Process and Bidder Selection

In addition to the price offered, a variety of other factors play a critical role in selecting the right buyer. Therefore, we investigate these for you by taking into account the reputation of the buyer, the security of the purchase price payment by checking the source of funds and financing as well as risk aversion when recommending a buyer. The decision on the type of sale process, for example a structured bidding process, has a major influence on a successful closing and the achievable purchase price. Consequently, it is often advisable to discuss the aforementioned factors and backgrounds of a bidder in a personal meeting. We will guide you or represent your interests completely if required.

Sales Process

Above all, profit is made at acquisition, but the sales process also has substantial influence on the success of your investment. Thus, if the sales process is well organised and the prospective buyer is managed prudently, fewer risk positions are created. As a result, the likelihood of future failure of negotiations or price reductions can be reduced. From the coordination of the data room to regular red-flag calls, we guide your sale to a successful completion.

Loan & Credit Management

In addition to real estate debt related transactions, we are also happy to support you in underwriting loans at acquisition, managing your loans (loan servicing) and in reporting:

Loan Underwriting
Since the profit often lies in the purchase, we analyse loans secured by real estate (loan underwriting) for our clients as part of purchase processes. In addition, we evaluate the value of the securing real estate both during the term of the loan and before its settlement or sale.

Loan Servicing
We provide comprehensive credit management services for real estate loans, from initial analysis and ongoing processing through to workout. In particular, we are specialised in the value maximising realisation of distressed (sub-performing and non-performing) loans.

Reporting & Analysis
Conception, transformation and aggregation of real estate and credit related reporting. We help you with sensitivity to structure your reporting obligations in such a way that each party receives the information they need quickly and, above all, easily.